Friday, September 30, 2011

Sandon Feat

Here's a blog I wrote long ago and for some reason never published...however it's blog house-keeping time!!

In February I was hired to photograph Sandon Feat art gallery in the DaVinci Centre building. The gallery is home to the works of local painter CE Whitney.
My goal was to capture the details of the interior architecture, . From the marble floors to the custom built aluminum furniture and the hanging metal wire ceiling, the space is original in its design. It has a minimalist industrial feel, and the neutral tones allow the paintings to take center stage.
I primarily used two strobes, one with a soft box and one with a reflective umbrella. It was a challenge to light, as I shot very wide angle to capture the entire space, which left very little room to maneuver the strobes. Models Rachel Boraston and Nick Adendorff added a human interaction with the space.



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