Friday, January 14, 2011

Caybrew 2011 Calendars

Inspired by the iconic image from the film American Beauty, this image was created for Caybrew for the first in a series of 2011 calendars. First I'd like to say a big thanks to Rachel Boraston for modeling. She is very patient, follows instruction well, and is a great to work with.
The shoot was challenging as I was perched on a make-shift scaffolding. I used five lights in an attempt to recreate the lighting in the movie poster: a large umbrella as a mainlight, two gridded speedlights and two strobes with reflectors. Each speedlight lit under an arm. One strobe I placed low and above Rachel to highlight her hair and shoulders, covering part of strobe so as not to spill light onto her face and body.  The other strobe I positioned low and below Rachel to add definition to her legs and add light to her face from a low angle.
Rachel was shot on a white backdrop. I took pictures of a single bottle cap, and a small pile of caps to create the background in photoshop.
Look for the Calendars in cases of Caybrew!!



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