Monday, April 19, 2010

my first post finally - a little about me

I was in Australia when I decided I'd pursue photography as a career. Instead of buying postcards I'd take pictures, have them developed and write my stories on the back of the prints, affix some postage and send them off. To be precise, I was too cheap to buy postcards - they would have cut into my precious beer fund.
I knew nothing about photography except that I enjoyed doing it. And although I hadn't yet chosen a profession, I had firmly made up my mind about one thing: I would find what I love to do and pursue it. At 19 I decided that life is too precious to be spent on a career where you're living for tomorrow and working to retire.
My professional foray in photography began in 2000 when I attended the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, B.C. After school I started as a journalist/photographer at The Hinton Parklander in Alberta before moving to Grand Cayman in 2004 where I worked as a freelance commercial photographer until 2009. In July 2009 I moved to British Columbia where I continue to freelance. To date, I've shot more than 400 weddings, international boat races and tennis tournaments, many corporate events and a variety of other commercial work.
I continue to love what I do for a living, so for now I will continue to do it!
If anyone who reads this has any questions about my work or any general questions about photography please get in touch. I'd be happy to pass on anything I can if it helps someone enjoy photography as I have.





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